Kinematics book collection

The purpose of this collection

Engineering sciences had an impressive influence in the progress of human mankind. I strongly believe that it is
important to maintain a record of the books used for the instruction of engineering principles. Through these books
the progress flow in these sciences can be monitored and better understood. Therefore, besides my own fun, one of the purposes of this collection is to keep a record of the progress of the Science of Mechanisms and of its
recent teaching in technical and engineering schools.

Are the items of this collection available to general public?

I believe that this is a most natural question for a person scanning the list
of titles contained in this collection.
This is a private collection that does not receive any
support from public funds. In the future I am planning to loan some items upon request.

For the time being I am considering the possibility to make available some pdf copies of books that are not subjected any more to the copyright.


  • Allievi Lorenzo, Cinematica della Biella Piana. This is a real classic book in kinematics.
    The content is a landmark in analytical kinematics. For the first time, the computation
    of Burmester points was presented in analytical fashion. The copy I own bears the original signature
    of Lorenzo Allievi. Some years ago I lend the copy to Ing. Michellone of Centro Ricerche Fiat
    in order to obtain an anastatic copy to distribute. The copy has been kindly digitalized by Ing. Marco Conte.


  • Reuleaux Franz, La Cinematica dei Meccanismi This Italian translation of this outstanding book (Theoterische Kinematik) is very rare. I own also the english, spanish and french translation of this book. The Italian translation was made by Giuseppe Colombo, the person who organized the compilation of the first Italian engineering handbook. The copy has been kindly digitalized by Ing. Marco Conte.



How was this collection started

Reading books has been always a passion for me. However, the love for Kinematics started
by studying the geometrical proofs contained in the papers of Prof. C.H. Chiang of National Taiwan University, while working at my laurea thesis (1979). Those papers have been assigned as reading material by my thesis adviser Prof. Augusto Di Benedetto of University of Roma “La Sapienza”.

At that time Prof. Adalberto Vinciguerra strongly encouraged and motivated myself to build my own library. He donated the first two items.

Over the time, many collegues donated books. Other books have been purchased.

More recently Prof. Jack Phillips of Sidney (Australia) donated many books.

The new catalog is available here.

List of donors

  • Prof. V.H. Mucino (West Virginia University)
  • Prof. C.K. Chen (National Taiwan University)
  • Dr. A. Rankers
  • Prof. H. Rankers (University of Delft)
  • Ing. M. Addomine (Registro Italiano Orologi da Torre)
  • M. A. Bullo (Chioggia)
  • Prof. D. Stanescu (University of Pitesti)
  • Prof. Pandrea (University of Pitesti)
  • Prof. S. Vlase (University of Brasov)
  • Prof. J. Phillips (University of Sidney)
  • Prof. L.W. Tsai (University of California)
  • Prof. C.H. Chiang (National Taiwan University)
  • Prof. Ferdinand Freudenstein (Columbia University)
  • Prof. A.H. Soni (University of Cincinnati)
  • Prof. J. Angeles (McGill University)
  • Prof. A. Vinciguerra (Università di Roma La Sapienza)